The Feast

a short film


The Feast 1.jpg

The Feast is a story of power, abuse, and hunger - in all its forms. 

The short film was developed and produced by Gaëlle Mourre & Michelle Fan for Fat Red Bird, the film company founded by Gaëlle. 

The story is based on the original short fiction by the acclaimed writer L.P. Lee. It was nominated for the Pushcart Prize in 2015.               

Read the story here.


Hayley, a self-possessed young woman from a hungry community, longs for opportunities to achieve her artistic dreams.

One day, she receives an invitation from the Count – the only wealthy man in the land – to dine with him at a lavish feast in his majestic mansion. Hayley has heard of these occasions before. Each time, the guest returns home – unharmed, but silent, guilty, and changed.

She resolves to turn her invitation into a career opportunity. But as Hayley takes her place at the Count’s table, she is unprepared for what he has in store.